Sunday, December 19, 2010

You show me yours, I'll show you mine.

Today we're going to be sharing music we've made. I know there are some other producers among us.

11 points to anyone who shares music they made.
1 point to anyone who shares music they didn't make.


  1. I made this when I was 17 lol:

    (it sucks)

  2. I didn't write this music, but I was in the front ensemble (the guys playing marimbas and b.s. in front) from 05-08. Lotta fun. (if anybody is randomly interested, this is drum and bugle corps at it's finest. check out

  3. It's's like I've heard this before...

    @Rick - Whoa. Was that a competition? That was a springily tune. Seems like a hard one to play on the move (even though you were stationary.)
    @Peacock - Hey man, it's seasonal. And it doesn't suck.
    @ImmaFrog - Agreed.

    I made this, I swear it was before Cockshiner's Mystery Song post:
    I was trying to freak out someone on a paranormal forum.

  4. To punish them although not done but meant. Following!

  5. I've never made music, but I've listened to yours and I've determined that you shine cocks.

  6. That was good. Made me want to listen to it in my car and drive around hitting people.

    My friend and I once made a really weird techno/ambient song but have since lost it. Actually I think it died along with my first iPod. Too bad I never backed it up.

  7. @cooperlife - I never expected to hear that joke. :/

  8. Yeah, nice track....Sorry I couldnt contribute :(