Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mixing And Mastering

I'm going to be getting into mixing and mastering over the next few posts. I'll be covering EQing, compression, panning, and possibly some other branches of audio sorcery. Hopefully you can all learn something from it and have clearer, more professional sounding mixes. I'd get started today, but I have a rendezvous with my special lady friend which prevents me from doing so.

In the mean time, 20 points for whoever can guess what song this is.


  1. Rats. I was hoping you messed up and left it in the file name. It's that song, you know, the one that fades out. :D Is it by Styx? IS IT?

    I bet it is 4:30 minutes long.

    Also, I am so down with some tutorials/tips on mixing and mastering. Excellent timing.

  2. oh :D who can know :D

    ti is audicity or how its cold :D?

  3. Looking forward for the samples, bro

  4. he;ll yes. now i can finally make my own dubstep. and that song you silly folks, is "its a small world"