Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Classic Synth Lesson - Axel F

As requested by my comrade over at Rorschach Redemption I have created a tutorial showing you how to recreate the synth lead from Axel F.


  1. I was just thinking to myself, this doesn't sound like "Axel F." Nice mind read trick at 3:05. No Falter in your Meyer!

    If I may quote Christian Slater from Robin Hood: "F*ck me, he cleared it!"
    I am impressed again. So what's the deal? This seems a tad above hobby-level. If you did that without any schooling, then extra kudos.

    You defiantly have the ear; you have to have some tunes around?

    Anyway, congrats again, challenge completed! The last thing to do is paste yourself in here:

  2. that gives me something to think about

  3. looking forward to your next update

  4. @Rorscach Redemption
    This is indeed a bit more than just a hobby for me. I've never had any schooling though; my synth abilities are pretty much self-taught. I do have some tunes floating around, but I don't want my music and my blog to be associated with each other. I'd certainly be willing to E-mail you links to my music though.

  5. Axel F is the crazy frog dude right? cool tut btw!

  6. I like the part where the put the bannana in the tail pipe.