Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bob Moog and the Fairlight CMI

This was a big moment in the history of sampling when Bob Moog released the Fairlight CMI, which played back samples at different pitches to imitate an instrument (which was a big fucking deal back then). The main sounds that this thing made can be heard in tons of songs (I feel nostalgic just hearing some of these samples by themselves). The video where he demos it is 6 parts long, but definitely worth watching.

You have to wonder if they had any idea how huge this kind of thing would be. Imagine recording one second of sound and reusing it again and again (everybody does this now).


  1. Oh wow. OH WOW. I'm going to have to spend some time on this. I like that he uses his voice as the sample right off the bat.

    Is it bad that I never knew that the CMI part stood for Computer Music Instruments?

    I'll be back when I am done this mini-series.
    Good find/choice/vid. HISTORY MAN, HISTORY.

  2. The gods for murder seemed so content Following!

  3. Oh yeah, this is awesome. I always wished I had a friend with a great setup so that I could play with samplers and stuff without having to spend my own money.

  4. Awesome video/post. Feels like I was watching a piece of history that was actually interesting.

  5. I'm on part three and I'm still being amazed.