Monday, November 8, 2010

Axel F Lead

I've been listening to Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer off the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack and trying to mimic the lead synth they used.

My latest attempt at recreating the lead from Axel F
Good, bad, close? I'm trying to simplify it for the sake of a tutorial, because right now it's horribly complex.

I'm glad I managed to get my hands on a vinyl copy of the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack.
Also, extra points for noticing the other record in the shot.


  1. How many different softwares are you using to edit audio?

  2. I thought your latest attempt was good!!

    Also, Switched-On Bach!!

  3. That's really good. As long as you are asking us to be picky: Sounds like a bit of extra flange/phase that was not in the original?

    Still, 9.8/10

  4. Almost didn't see the link, very nice!!

  5. Not bad at all. cool blog, you got a new follower.