Saturday, October 16, 2010

Replicating Classic Synth Sounds

I'm currently working on replicating classic synth sounds using various VST plugins, which I will then teach you how to do.

Are there any synth sounds that you would like to learn how to make? I'm currently working on recreating the lead from "Da Funk" by Daft Punk.

Any requests are welcome. In the mean time, Da Funk.


  1. Perhaps a run down on the most popular VST plug-ins? I like the way you have your reviews set up; I hope the tutorials flow the same. :)

    Wait, what do you consider classic synths? Just curious.

  2. I was just using the word classic to mean unique, well-known, and recognizable.

  3. Ah, I see. I thought you meant like
    You know, Rush-style.

  4. That's also very much classic. Gotta love Rush.

  5. Can't wait to hear it. And being taught anything would be greatly appreciated. It's been years (more like a decade) since I've even messed around with any music design.

  6. i love this song. would be great if you could replicate the sounds