Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Free Samples

Today I've got some more free samples for you guys to fuck around with.

Some cool techno/house loops and sound effects.

A collection of free Drum n Bass samples.

Some samples from an SH-101 Hard PWM Bass. Covers 9 notes.

Serious Sounds : Volume One [Hard & Bouncy]

Some free drum loops



  1. If I didn't say this before, don't forget! A surprising amount of unique stuff on there (not just instrument samples.)
    Reminds me of Voicetracker (technically not a sample tracker) and the first PC smaple tracker I got: FastTracker.
    How about a retro-review? :)

  2. I mentioned in my first samples post. Haha, oh fuck, FastTracker. I never got very far into that. The first audio tracker I used was something called Moonfish.

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