Monday, January 3, 2011

Hardware Reviews Part 6

Digitech DF-7 Distortion Factory Modeling Pedal - $100 (7/10)
I've been borrowing this pedal from a friend of mine for a while now, and I'm very pleasantly surprised by the cool effect it has on synth and drum sounds. It works well for guitar if you're playing on a mediocre amp that doesn't already have very good distortion built in. When I used this with my guitar plugged into a nice tube amp that already had great built-in distortion, it sounded shitty by comparison when I turned on the pedal. The quality difference isn't huge enough that you couldn't work it into a live setup so you had more distortion options. There are seven different distortion models to choose from, each offering a drastically different EQ response. Some of them really suck for guitar but offer crazy changes to synth sounds. Overall, it just depends on how you use it and what you're using it for. This pedal has its limits, but once you learn to work with them, it can be a powerful tool.

-Plenty of different distortion models.
-Powerful digital distortion.
-I was able to imitate the guitar sounding synth from Aerodynamic by Daft Punk using this and my MS2000.

-Not a replacement for good tube distortion.
-Eats up electricity.

 Also, two points to anyone who starts their comment with the word "I".


  1. I haven't used this pedal, but it sounds like a pretty reasonable option. Good writeup!

  2. I DON'T THINK SO, RICK. If anyone is going to redeem their points around here for something, it is going to be me!

    Do you ever pump any vocals through that bad boy?
    Are we going to hear any more music?

  3. this reminds me, i've gotta get a new pedal. i've been wankin around too long without one