Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Soft Synth : TranceDrive

I'm playing around with this thing right now on my midi keyboard, and I have to say, it sounds beautiful for a free vst. Right off the bat it loads up a fatass supersaw lead. It comes with 3 oscillators with six waveforms to choose from (including a supersaw made up of 7 detuned saw waves). It comes with plenty of built in filters and effects perfect for trance and lots of other styles. I used this in my most recent single and it fit in beautifully with other more expensive synthesizers.

So go get your hands on a VST host of some kind (there are freeware ones out there) and give this beast a try. (Download links below!)



  1. man, ive been looking for some shit to mix for the longest time

  2. Free you say? Downloading...
    In your last entry I asked about FL Studios; maybe you can highlight the Fruity Slicer or Wave Traveler.
    I notice the majority of your blog is about synth or emulation. Maybe show the power of samples? (Just no Funky Drummer, please!)

    Otherwise, your tutorials are pretty spot-on. Not too long and windy, which turns a lot of people off.

  3. I should try it ! Haven't played with a VST plugin in a while now ! For me the instruments in Renoise are ok , I only sketch up things

  4. Looks like an awesome program

  5. Supportin :D
    Cool post bro!

  6. Definitely gonna check this out. Thank you for sharing!

  7. oh wow.. so many knobs and gadgets xD

  8. wow this looks like a great program. might have to get out my keyboard.